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Goran Milicevic

Head Chess Coach

Goran holds the international title of FIDE Master. Goran participated successfully in various tournaments in Canada. In 1994 he was the Metro Toronto Champion. He loves teaching chess to children and has coached many successful Canadian Junior players who are Canadian and Ontario Champions by grades and have represented Canada on the International level. Goran has taught chess at several schools: Havergal College, York, Sterling Hall, Toronto French, Summit Heights, Armour Heights, Bedford Park, People's Christian Academy, King George Jr, St. 

Demetrius Ukrainian Catholic School, All Saints, Howard. He has also organized the "Chess for Children School" in Swansea Town Hall -- a community-based chess club with about 50 regular students since 1996.


In April of 2009, Goran placed 3rd at the PWC Toronto Open Chess Championship in a tough field which included 5 Grandmasters (GM), 9 International Masters (FM), 9 FIDE Masters (IM), 2 Woman International Masters  (WIM) and 1 Woman FIDE Master (WFM). The tournament 

included 47 players rated over 2200, 29 over 2300, 16 over 2400, 8 over 2500, 2 over 2600 and one over 2700. His 3rd place finish was outstanding as was his special award for the best game played of over 600 in the tournament.

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