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Tia Wintre 



Tia’s professional career began after spending 15 summers at Camp Arowhon as a camper, specialist, Head of Swim, CIT Director and Program Director where she established her belief in the ability for sport and recreation to be a vehicle for development.  After graduating from York University with a degree in Kinesiology , Tia worked internationally with the Olympic Movement which led to a position in Vancouver working for a 2010 Olympics legacy initiative. It was afterwards that she joined Parks and Recreation Ontario to manage HIGH FIVE, the national standard for children’s sport and recreation programs. As national manager, Tia was reminded daily that children’s programs are only as good as the experience provided! Being in her role for more than 10 years, Tia contributed to the risk management, leadership/program development, quality assurance and healthy child development  of more than 450 organizations across the country, helping create positive experiences for more than 1 million children annually. She presented at several conferences including the Ontario Camping Association and oversaw the HIGH FIVE Accreditation framework.  As Tia became a mother of two and was looking to live her values of ‘balance, moderation and variety’, Tia transitioned to be a sport consultant with the Sport Law & Strategy Group helping governments, national sport organizations and local sport councils create safe sport environments for their stakeholders (athletes, coaches and volunteers) and as a certified Workplace Investigator. As Tia began her career at Wahanowin with her Co-Director Elijah in 2020, she now feels like she is finally where she should be, being with her family at camp in the great outdoors; where she is her best self.   It is this feeling that allows her to feel safe to thrive and she is committed to having campers and staff feel the same.

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